[H] The Descent is Recruiting!

The Boring Premise of the Guild

Are you looking for a laid back raiding environment where you won’t be singled out for mistakes? Do you want to get your Ahead of the Curve achievement for 9.2? Maybe you just want to punch Sylvanas in the face after she killed all those innocent Night Elves?

Well, we can help you with all of those things.

The Descent is a left over guild we made for alts about 6 years ago and since returning to the server we figure that we could turn it into something more than a dust ridden coffin for forgotten characters, something better… like a dust ridden coffin for wannabe raiders after Sylvanas has turned us to mush 100 times!

What We Need

Do you have an active WoW subscription, the ability to read this post and the urge to start raiding? Well then, we need you! We’re a brand new (old) guild so we’re a little light on personnel around here.

Tanks: One tank required
Healers: Three Healers required
DPS: Melee & Ranged required

When We Need It

We’ll be raiding on Wednesday and Saturday between 20:30 and 23:00 server time.

Extra Stuff that Might Interest You

We’ll be aiming for Ahead of the Curve and Keystone Master every major patch this expansion and are looking for all types of players, whilst the raid team is our main focus we will always welcome social players and those looking for a guild without prejudice. Regardless of your age, race, religion, gender or anything else you can come up with, you are welcome here.

After we’ve gained AotC we’ll be clearing as much of the raid on Mythic difficulty as possible, and as such we are building a 20 player team.

How to Get in Touch

Add Kizr#2816 (me) on Battle.net and we can either have a talk there or take it to Discord.

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