[H] The Exiles 1/9M (2 day raiding)

(Spikeyshadow) #1
At the moment our raid group is full and recruitment is closed. Down the line we will want to add a Demon Hunter. However, if you like what you read and think you would be a good fit don't hesitate to contact us if you play something else.

Raid schedule: Thursdays & Sundays 19:45 to 23:00 (server time)

About Us: We are a fairly young guild started the 17th of October 2016 by a group of friends. Since then we have grown much larger and been able to progress further and further in each raid.

What we value most is enjoying the game with each other while also trying to progress as far as we can as a raiding guild. This is a cliche answer, but it is truly what we strive for. In addition we try to quickly make new members feel at home and part of the team.

Outside of the progress raids we have a friendly lively guild chat and we do a lot of mythic plus together.

What we want: While we do raid 2 days a week we do not expect any one to be able to attend every single raid. We ask that you are normally free on those days though also understand that some times real life gets in the way.

As a member of The Exiles you will be required to be respectful towards your fellow guild mates, be able to work as part of a team and put effort into improving your performance.

Interested? Come and have a chat with one of us.
  • Spikeyshard-Aszune (Spikey#2323)
  • Johnnysins-Shadowsong (Cheesypoof#2937)
  • IHealYaMon-Aszune (Deadont#2115)