[H] <The Greater Good> - LF a few specific roles for BOD HC - waiting list at present

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Updated 18th March 2019

The Greater Good Guild (TGG) is looking to recruit raiders for the current raid teir. Current Progress is Uldir 8/8 N and 8/8 HC, BOD 8/9 Normal 4/9 HC.

Recruitment - Looking for: RECRUITMENT ON HOLD UNTIL MORE SLOTS OPEN UP - but please apply to go onto a waiting list if still interested, thanks! One Demon Hunter DPS // One Shadowpreist with Disc offspec // One DPS of any class or spec // Healers with a (viable but not top) DPS offpsec to be used occasionally

Our raid times are as follows (server times):
Progress - Tuesday 20:30 - 23:00
Progress - Thursday 20:30-23:00

About us
For the most part, we are players with jobs and families which come first. We are a friendly group of players of all ages from 20ā€™s to bus pass and we are a mature guild having been active for pushing 2 years. Our Guild was originally formed to be a social / casual group who raided for fun and with some organisation.

Our Goals
Getting curve on Antorus the Burning throne Heroic was a very enjoyable but also frustrating process. The Guild leaders have now decided to build our raiding team to allow us to at the very least defeat HC on each raid before the next is announced. This is achievable with the right raiding team and moving forward with the right numbers Mythic may be possible, it all depends on the mindset and wishes of the team.

How we will implement our Goals
Very simply we need more raiders. We currently have a team of 25 and really want a pool of around 30 raiders give or take. However, the kind of raiders we are looking for must be a good fit with the rest of the team and whilst we can and do have fun, once we start a raid, we then play with complete focus and concentration.

What we would like from you
An attitude that puts Guild progress above personal reward. We understand that this is not for everyone, but if it is please see the application form link below.
To Keep our guild friendly, relaxed and fun but also professional
To be able to participate and communicate well.
Show patience, and encourage good community spirit within our guild.
Agree with and abide to our raiding rule set that can be viewed from our application form below

https: // tinyurl. com/ycozateo (remove spaces)

NB1: We do also recruit social players who don't necessarily want to get involved with raiding now but may do later on, though not compulsory.
NB2: Unfortunately we cannot allow cross realm raiders, we have tried this in the past but the community spirit and commitment has not always been what it should be

[H] Resto Shaman & MW Monk LFG
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Still looking for DPS players, both ranged and Melee.

For those of you that have submitted applications, thank you, we will be in touch soon!

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Bumpity bump.

(HenriƩ) #5
Would just like to say, as the guild's Tank, I really enjoying raiding with these guys. They are fun and respectable. Never had a problem. When I first started raiding with them, they welcomed me with open arms and was forever helping me improve in my DPS and helping progress into Tank.

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Gnomes ruin everything... luckily the horde doesn't have gnomes. :D Besides an innate hate for gnomes, we're a great group of people who don't discriminate .. ever ... unless you're a gnome. If you're looking for a good time raiding with a bunch of friendly people, give us a shout! T's & C's apply*


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If you do like Gnomes, i have a side part of the guild that has a thing for Gnomes /wink

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I've joined these guys a few months ago and they'd welcome me in the best way, altough i wasn't fully equipped for raid they'd helped me to gear up and understand bosses mechanics during our raid nights.
Officers are very patience (within the limits of the reasonable, do not abuse it ;D) and they willingly re-explain tactics if you don't understand something (or everything).
Our group is really well organised though, with an excellent discord channel where we set-up raids and events in general, or just to talk about potatoes.
Really good group, without dramah-queens and everyone with the purpouse to have fun toghether and improve as a guild.

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Still looking for good people to join our raid team to get ready for BFA! Application form is in the first post and in it there is a link to show how we will achieve our goals.

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Wopbabalubop balap bam bump!

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Still looking for good people to join us!

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Come join The Greater Good for an excellent community with a raiding team raring to go for BFA!

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Feel free to add me @ Donk#1378 if you have any questions before you apply :)

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Still looking for some DPS, don't be shy now :)

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Join us and burn Teldrasil to the ground! FOR THE HORDE!!!

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We're still looking for good people to join us before BfA :)

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More DPS required! Message @ Donk#1378 with any questions (wow related obvs)