[H] <The Has Beens> Now Recruiting

The Has Beens

We are looking for People to Fill our roster before bwl, if you wanna be part of a guild with alot of old school players or simply looking for a guild to raid or have people to pvp with come have a chat.

Founded by groups of friends to reunite and relive former glories - in both endgame raiding and PVP - we are now looking to invite other likeminded individuals into our community.

We aim to:
* Regularly farm each raid tier in the phase they open
* Participate in World PVP and Battlegrounds.
* Have a fun, friendly and active community both in game and on Discord

Raid Nights:
MC: Cleared
Ony: Cleared

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 20:00 server time Must be able to attend 2 out of 3 nights

Loot Rules:
Loot Council

If you are a good player who wants a guild that is about more than just loot, and you play one of the following classes, please get in touch!

Recruiting current Classes:
*Warrior - High
*Warlock - Low
*Hunter - Closed
*Shaman - Low
*Mage - Closed
*Rogue - Medium
*Priest - Medium
*Druid - One resto

For more information, pm me on discord or ingame you can contact:
Ingame Parafix - Discord Parafix#6335
Ingame Exeque - Discord Exeque#5934
Ingame Secksie - Discord Secksie#5549


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