[H] The Hordey Cheddar - Social

The Hordey Cheddar, not to be mistaken with our alliance scum sister guild “The Holy Cheddar” are looking for old, lazy casuals to join our ranks. To maybe compete that elusive mythic 6 without falling out with strangers and instead resorting to berating each other. We won’t nurture a friendly atmosphere and may ruin keys because children have wet the bed forcing emergency afk! Unlikely to complete a raid unless planets align. We are comprised of mostly old school raiders from classic AN circa 2005/6 (ex party in the morgue, forgotton circle, valhall) who are now weary and bitter and lost reaction times.

If this sounds like the place for you drop me a message or apply through recruitment. You’ll probably regret it. Particular interest in haggard Scots, Asian prince’s.

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