H <The Late Show> Late night guild recruiting

Welcome to The Late Show

Faction: Horde

Weekly event times:
M+ night (Monday) - from 9:30 pm GMT (10:30 pm Server Time)
Raid night (Wednesday) : 9:30 pm - midnight GMT (10:30 pm - 1:00 am Server Time)

About us
<The Late Show> is a new guild created by a small group of friends looking to progress through Shadowlands and beyond in a friendly, relaxed environment! Built on the foundations that real life commitments come first, all our events start from 21:30 GMT (22:30 server). Unlike a lot of guilds, you will find no required addons or experience needed here, our aim is to create a guild that learns dungeon and raid encounters based on playing the game rather than watching everyone else do it first and reading guides. Whilst this may make progress slower, we find it a much more rewarding and enjoyable experience.

What we are looking for
First and foremost, our main aim is to enjoy all aspects of the game. We believe that friendship is more important than progress, so are looking to create a small community which is big enough for raids, but small enough that people feel part of a team rather than another number. We currently require a few more dps and healers, but regardless of spec or class, if you think we’d be a good fit for you, feel free to come for a chat.

In a nutshell:

  • People who can listen to instructions in a raid /dungeon situation and think on their feet if needs be.
  • People who are willing to put the effort in to get the job done without guides.
  • People who aren’t afraid of wiping.
  • Most importantly, maturity and a sense of humour!

What you’ll get from us:

  • A friendly, laid back atmosphere with no fear of being picked on for making mistakes.
  • People you can rely on for help.
  • Progression without the hassle.
  • A fair chance at gearing up, all loot is decided with personal loot or /roll

How do I apply
Get in contact with us either in game or discord
Hotornot - Discord Hotornot#7355 - Bnet ID: Malachantrio#2477
Draeden - Discord Boudi#3379 - Bnet ID: Venantius#21269

Hey, can’t seem to find members in game so are you still fighting the good fight?

Hey sorry dude, I forgot to check the forum, but thankfully you got a hold of us in game :smile:

In case anyone else was wondering… Yes we are still fighting the good fight. Right now we are mostly looking for healers and dps, however whatever spec/role you play, if you are interested in checking us out please get in touch

Still looking for a few more DPS and another healer so we can make our way through the upcoming 9.1 raid Sanctum of Domination. If you want to find a friendly guild for M+ and raid and you tend to play later at night, please get in contact

What a wonderfully formatted post!

Used to be in a guild with The Late Show peeps and they’re a lovely bunch. Our guilds remain good friends and are active in each others discord servers :heart: GM is a top notch Healer and nice dude.

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