[H] The Obsidian Order 3/10 M 9/10 hc is now recruiting a Warlock and new social members!

Who we are:

The Obsidian Order has been around since vanilla. We are a semi-hardcore Mythic raiding guild with mature players who understand that real life comes first. We never took a break from raiding during our history in wow.

We were also 12/12M in the final raid tier of the last expansion.

What we aim to do:

  • Mythic progression
  • Raid on Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday. Invites start at 20:15, pull at 20.30 and we end at 23.00.
  • We regularly run social raids on Saturdays which everyone is welcome to join for as long as you meet the ilvl requirements. The social progress is currently 10/10 N :slight_smile:
    Mondays are reserved for M+ groups.


  • Understand your class (preferably multiple speccs for different play styles / roles)
  • Up to date gear
  • Raiders prepare the tactics for the bosses available on the discord raid-tactic post and have an understanding of the bosses.
  • Raiders are responsible for bringing their best stat food and potions.
  • We expect contributions from our raiders towards the creation of vantus runes and cauldrons
  • Be available for the raid and be able to communicate when you can’t make it
  • Know that the game is meant to be fun and that fun is something to be shared.

Currently recruiting a Warlock. Socials are also more than welcome right now!

How can you contact us:

Recruitment officer - Exo (Bnet:Exodeo#2151/Discord:Exodeo#4323)
Raiding Officer - Maymay (Bnet:Mairead#2363/Discord:Maymay#0001)
Raiding Officer - Rosca (Bnet:Rosca#2301/Discord:Rosca#4941)
Guild master - Sangor (Bnet:Sangor#2581/Discord: Sangor#5118)

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