<H> <The Obsidian order> 6/8M Recruiting

The Obsidian Order is a mythic raiding guild on Aggramar, with a history on the realm, as we have been raiding since Classic, without taking any breaks. Our goal is to keep improving ourselves and our raiding team and clear content while it is still relevant.

Some of our recent achievements and progress: Cutting edge Jaina, Cutting edge Helya, Cutting edge Xavius, 6/8 Uldir, 10/11 Antorus.

We are currently looking for the following roles/classes to fill our roster

  • Tank : 1 tank any
  • Healer: 2 healer any
  • Ranged DPS: 2 any
  • Melee DPS: 2 any
  • Exceptional players: any

Our raiding schedule: 3 raids/week, Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday from 20-23. However, we can also accommodate players who can join for only 2 of these 3 raid nights.
What we provide:

  • A team of dedicated raiders willing to help you become the best version of yourself!
  • A big range of diverse players doing everything: from PvP to teaming up on Classic realms to high-level raiding. We value our community and enjoy playing the game together.
  • Mythic+ groups! We’re often organizing groups to make sure we get the weekly chest rewards.
  • Occasional Social Raids where we do achievements/mount runs/anything our community is suggesting.
  • Cat pics / Meme Discord channel :fire:

Our expectations:

  • Be passionate about mythic raiding!
  • Know your class very well on at least one spec and be able to tweak/improve/modify the setup as needed;
  • Be able to communicate effectively with the team! Sometimes you will have to execute specific assignments related to a boss fight;
  • Be able to listen and understand the tactic we’re implementing;
  • Keep up with your self-progression tasks outside raiding: Heart of Azeroth level, ranking up your essences;
  • Do at least one m+ dungeon of level 10 or higher per week

We are looking forward to your applications. You can submit an app on our website, or, alternatively, you can add us on BattleNet and we’ll have a chat with you!

Website: theobsidianorder <dot> info

  • Aria: Raid Leader Beka#2144 (also discord: Aria#0681)
  • Sangor: Guild Master Sangor#2581
  • Mersoth: DPS Officer Lucian#21803
  • Ayuumu: DPS Officer Ayuumu#2702
  • Lightbringer: Heal Officer T1902T#2427
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Progress Update! We’re now 5/8 Mythic, with Orgozoa Dead. That’s been a fun one!

We are still on the lookout for a few dps, the classes we’re looking for are listed above!

Now we’re also open to healers :slight_smile:

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