[H] < The Police > 15/15 recruiting

< The Police > 15/15 Naxx/ Semi-hardcore guild

We’re an international raiding guild raiding Wednesday and Sunday at 19:30 with Thursday as backup.

We’ve been here since the start of Classic, on Firemaw Horde. We’ve proven ourselves to have a stable and fun community with strong leadership, and we’re in it for the long term all the way through Naxx and into TBC.

-Have the required consumables / Frost Resistance kit
-Have world buffs according to class / run requirements
-Be specced properly, learn or know how to play your class well
-Have or be willing to take engineering
-75% minimum attendance

Loot council based on:
-Attendance (We track “MS / Attendance” ratio so that new raiders get the similar relative amount of loot for their attendance as old members)
-Performance/competence as defined above

PM now to chat!

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/kMwu7rD or get in touch with us in game!
Discord: esraymuk#0692

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