[H] <The Retirement Home> is recruiting!

<The Retirement Home> is recruiting!
Are you too old for this crap? Too busy with RL to be hardcore? Still wana do some casual raiding? Join us!

We have a stable core of members and leadership who almost all played vanilla and raided to some extent, we are currently gearing up, getting recipes, professions, fixing attunements and getting our last members to 60. We’re aiming to have a solid core of potential raiders to join us for raiding at least once a week.

Do you feel like downing some bosses and getting some epics without devoting your life to WoW? Whisper me in game or on Dreadmist Discord for more info. Hit me up with any questions you might have!

We will be running our first raid on the 22nd of November around 20:00-23:00. A vote will be held but Fridays seems like a day that suits most of us. It doesn’t have to be the same day every week though. We will only be raiding one day a week to begin with, as most of us have RL to contend with but still want to enjoy raiding in a friendly environment. Because of this we will focus on efficiency and not afking around during our raids. Followup raids to clear bosses we missed might be a thing in the future if there is interest and time.

You will not get anyone yelling at you but you will be expected to know what you are doing, though you will be required to have a good time and participate in the banter!

We are still looking for DPSers mainly for our raiding group, but all applicants will be considered, and will also be accepting people who want to join out of a social or casual interest. You will not be required to have BiS or subscribe to whatever the streamers nowadays are called. We’re all too old for that crap and just want to have fun!

We have no requirements on raiding though, the guild is meant to be a social and friendly atmosphere while playing and bathing in the nostalgia that is WoW classic. Haven’t made up your mind yet if you want to try some raids? You are still most welcome to join in levelling, banter and pvping!

Great fun. Bump.

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