[H] The Riddle of Steel recruiting social casual folks

We’re a small guild looking for a couple more awesome folks to join us, we play most Monday Thursday late evenings and usually use voice coms while having a good laugh, we’re primarily a social guild of friends which do the content our folks want.

  • During the content drought we’re still gaming together, levelling and trying new classes, and doing keys often.

Any curious, join our discord to enquire! discord.gg/ppQnmg4.

We are always on the lookout for compatible folks to join our guild, below is what we offer and ask of prospective new members and guests who fancy joining in.

Enjoying the game together at our own relaxed pace and the way we want to. Real life and friendships come first.
Grab a beer, feet up and join voice chat. We group up whenever we can, or prearrange events ahead of time.
We’re older folks (Mostly 30s and 40s) and as such expect adult (but often terribly childish) humour, subjects and language.
:small_blue_diamond:Late evening gaming
Because of family life, we’re more active later at night. We regularly do dungeon groups on Mondays and Thursdays at 9gmt.
:small_blue_diamond:Based on respect
There is no rule book, simply respect the guild and each other, do our own bits to help out so we all have a good time, offer patience, and have the groups interest over ones own.
:small_blue_diamond:Small and tightly knit
Everyone knows each other and we all make an active effort to make our guild great.

We do dungeons quite often on late evenings, as well as other entertaining events such as raiding Stormwind and drinking all their ale, glide and seek, drunken irresponsible mount races… Mostly stuff to do with drink. We’re more about making friends and chatting on voice than the carrot on the stick mechanics of wow. If these are the sorts of things you’re looking for in a guild, you’d be most welcome to and join us.

Updated 1st post.

Still going with the regular gaming evenings, welcome to come join us!

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