[H] The Riddle of Steel recruiting social folks (27+) for mythic+, casual raiding

We’re a small guild looking for a couple more awesome folks to join us, we’re on most late evenings and usually play together while on voice coms. We do all sorts of content, right now mostly Torgast, Mythic+ and Raids (Normal). If the following sound like what you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you, join our discord for more - discord.gg/ppQnmg4.

Relaxed friendly attitudes
Enjoying the game together at our own pace and the way we want to. Real life comes first.

Grab a beer, feet up and join us in voice chat. We group up often to play together, much better than pugs!

We’re older folks (27+) and as such expect adult (but often terribly childish) humour, subjects, and language.

Late evening gaming
Because of family life, we’re more active later at night. Our dungeon / raid evenings are Monday and Thursday at 9gmt.

Based on respect
There is no rule book, simply respect the guild and each other, do our own bits to help out so we all have a good time, offer patience, and have the groups interest over ones own.

Strict entry
We want the guild to remain a place where everyone knows each other, so we aim to keep the guild small.

This sounds like my kind of guild… Returned to the game at the back end of BfA after 8 years (and two children)! Very much a casual player, I tend to be on for an hour or so after they’ve all gone to bed.

Would be great to find other people to do dungeons with. I’m 37, and can’t deal with the drama of PUGs anymore!

My main these days is a druid, Feral for solo content, but I’ve also been practicing my Guardian rotation in Torghast to make me more useful for dungeons.

Would you like to have me?

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Hey Taigwo, yes you do sound very similar to our lot, I think you might fit in well indeed. We use discord to chat and run the guild from, the link to our room is at the start of my original post. If you join it, there’s more information about us there and we can talk more too.

Sounds great. Working a late shift today, but will try and pop on tomorrow night and say hello.

Edit: Ignore the Night Elf profile, for some reason it won’t update on my mobile, but I am very much Horde!

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OO!!! Another druid!!

Yep. Why pick just one class when you can pick four?! :grinning:

Updated post about raiding. Casual raiding from after Christmas :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hey, After reading this your guild sounds perfect! I’ve just returned to wow after a 7/8 year gap and would love to get back into a friendly guild again. I’m 40 year old with a Mrs, two kids, a dog and a full time job so wow is a great escape for me! A friend of mine joint you a few weeks back and speaks very highly of you lot! Would you consider me?

I joined this guild a few days after it was created because a few of my friends played in this guild,. Having been in the guild for a while now I definitely feel like part of a bigger family. We chat, we laugh, we have fun and we are far surpassing any expectation that I had in terms of game progression. The people are friendly and welcoming and I’m happy I chose to join.

Looking for a few more nice folks to join us, enjoying M+ most nights and a normal raid once a week most weeks.