[H] The Rising Elites - community guild LFM


Who are we

“The Rising Elites” is a community guild, currently looking for more members to come join the fun. Our main goal is to build a relaxed place where people could login and enjoy some gametime with like-minded people in low stress environment.

What are we up to in-game

As stated earlier, our guild is focused on the community aspect, therefore the person behind the keyboard is a lot more important than the activities they get up to in the game. However, we organize a fair share of group content, including levelling alts as a guild pack (makes levelling dungeons much, much more fun), transmog runs, as well as “current content” activities such as M+ dungeons. We’re also dabbling in some normal/heroic raiding, going as far as we can with the people we have :slight_smile:.

What else can we offer

Other than organizing the things listed above, we also provide an active guild chat, moral support for whatever is it one’s after in the game, answers to game questions if one is newer to the game or just returning, as well as Discord chat for keeping up while AFK and banter while in-game.


If the post picked Your interest, or You’d have more questions about the guild, You can contact me on BattleTag (Sydona#2150) or Discord (Sydona#9603).

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