[H] <The Room> Semi-Hardcore Guild

Hi All!

The Room are looking for more active members to bolster our ranks as we delve into the lairs of Ragnaros and Onyxia.

With 8/10 Bosses already cleared, and Majordomo and Ragnaros most likely going down this coming Wednesday, we’re looking for experienced players to fill our raid roster as we look to expand our second raid team.

Who We Are:
The Guild was founded by a few real life friends, with the addition of some people we’ve met in game, and we’re now at over 200 members. With 50+ Level 60s and 50+ between level 50-59, we have members who are always willing to help out and more than happy to answer any questions!

We like to describe ourselves as semi-hardcore, we understand that work, marriage, kids and a social life must take prededence, however, when we play WoW we like to play to a high standard! Our active hours are mostly 19:00 - 23:00 Realm Time (GMT+1) and most hours on the weekends!

Our Raid Times:
Wednesday 19:00 - 23:00 Realm Time
Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 Realm Time
Invites start 30 minutes before raid time.

We’re currently discussing adding a third night, as an extra raid night, or another guild activity.

Socials are mostly welcome, however we do advise that most of our members are above level 40, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for others to level with!

Our Raid Team:
We’re currently unfortunately no longer looking for Mages or Hunters, but are open to discussion on this.
Priority Targets for us are Priests, Resto Shamans, Druids (especially Balance), DPS Warriors and Rogues.

What We Do:
You’ll find us running dungeons daily, and we do like to schedule some PvP activity! This of course along with our weekly raid nights.

If you like what you here, you can whisper the following people for an invite or to discuss things further:

  • Dann
  • Custer
  • Gerigon
  • Yatzee
  • Drommels
  • Wrexz

Look forward to speaking to you!

I will Hunt you down!

Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield :slight_smile:

Greetings ,
Who am I?
I’m Emil , 34, I live in Greece and I’m an engineer. I have been playing WoW since 2005 , in a serious semi hardcore or even hardcore way in the first two expansions and Vanilla of course. I played Priest for 251 days healing mostly but i love the dark side and dark side loves me back for sure. I have a very good knowledge of the class and its potential if you have any questions about achievements in my priest “bible” including PvP, feel free to ask. Sadly i activated my subscription on the first of October and I’m still levelling up in a swift way i would say.
What can i offer ?
Well , I’m a mature and a friendly geek. Nostalgia convinced me to play again the Vanilla content as far real life allows it. I can raid two times per week and I’m available in any role you ll ask ( Holy , Holy-disc with spirit buff or Shadow). If you ask me , my preferred role will be a shadow guy , but I don’t mind healing and supporting the raid in every possible way.
In addition , PvP runs in my veins , with numerous BG’s and Arenas.Definitely I’ll kill as many gnomes I can and i would be happy if we do it together.
Why you apply to us , you arent even 60 yet!?
These 15 years in game I have my lesson learned. Levels don’t matter , only the person behind the screen and the fingers above the keyboard. I’m not applying cause I want boost or something like that. I know what have to do to EARN a raid spot and I’m willing to make it happen.

Would be happy to hear news from you.

Thats all folks from the Greek geek guy.

Zergy#2633 my ID , if needed.