[H] The Shady Lady Pub is recruiting

We are chilled and friendly pve guild with active members.
We are looking for more like-minded people who are interested in m+ and occasional raiding
in the new patch. Mainly looking for healers but all classes are welcome. Some us have KSM and 2k+ rio score so +15 keys are happening here so helping with gearing won’t be an issue. If you are commited to what you are doing and have a chill non toxic attitude you are welcome to join.
Friendly or at least neutral attitude, everyone has to start somewhere.
Join us voice on Discord for guild runs.
Please speak English
Have game knowledge
Have knowledge and common sense to your class that you are playing.
Don’t give up after a few wipes and start crying. This isn’t that Pub…

What the guild can provide for you:
Indepth knowledge
Free potions, flasks, food
Dungeon knowledge
Help with your class ( prio stats, talent, rotation etc… )
Overal guidance for a better general gameplay
Social people on Discord
Help with gear farming

Right now we are doing m+ dungeons but we are also gathering for occasional raiding when the new patch will come and we will have enough people.
If this sounds good for you feel free to contact me Caladys in game or add my battle.net Daweoff#2413

Thanks for reading this and wish you a good day,
For the Horde!

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