[H] <Thunder Bluff Bulls> is recruiting players of all roles for SL

<Thunder Bluff Bulls> is a brand new guild on Chamber of Aspects, recruiting players of all roles to fill our roster prior to Shadowlands.

Our intentions are, first and foremost, to be a close-knit community, active and vibrant, where it is easy to find that helping hand you may need, get that extra party member for your dungeon, or even just to hold an interesting conversation in the guild chat.
As such, our focus will be on quality rather than quantity. You will not see us inviting or whispering random guildless people we find in our /who list. Instead, we prefer to grow slowly by getting the word out that we exist and welcoming all those actively looking to join and have fun in our team!

Apart from the social aspect, we also intend to create a Raid Team for Shadowlands, with the end goal of getting the “Ahead of the Curve” achievement for each tier. To this end, we are currently recruiting players of all classes and roles that do not mind joining a newly-formed team with all the hardships that may entail at first.
Since we are starting from scratch, we do not have a raiding schedule yet. Our plan is to first form our core team, and then decide on the schedule based on the team’s collective preference and flexibility.

For any questions or further information you may need, do not hesitate to contact either me, Lozkuul, or our officers, Fermuul, Torok and Vincera in-game.
In case you have made your mind and want to join and cannot find any of us online, just search for us and apply through the guild finder.


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A nice, friendly and promising young guild. Can definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to have casual fun, make friends and just relax with friendly and chill people. I very much look forward to what the Shadowlands will have in store for us. :smiley:

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