[H] <Thunder Bluff Bulls> recruiting for our raiding team

Greetings! Thunder Bluff Bulls is looking for friendly and social people to join our guild and our raiding team!

Who are we?

We are a mix of old and new players alike, trying to accomplish everything together in a relaxed environment. We are all here to help each other and become friends.

We take pride in being a close-knit community, active and vibrant, where it is easy to find that helping hand you may need, get that extra party member for your dungeon, or even just to hold an interesting conversation in the guild chat.

Be it raiding, mythic plus, arenas or BGs, you will definitely find a guildie to do them with here.


We are also raiding, with the aim of getting the Curve achievement on each tier.
We are not a hardcore progression guild. This means we are not after min-maxing, do not care about class DPS rankings, and we are not strict about attendance.

However, we do expect from all members to put in the effort, be able to follow the Raid Leader’s instructions, and have a general knowledge of the tactics beforehand. To aid in this, all our members can find detailed raid guides in our discord, written and posted by our raid leader.

Current progress

Castle Nathria:
10/10 N
9/10 HC

Raid Team Recruitment

We are interested in all roles, but currently we are especially interested in:

Ranged DPS (Hunter, warlock, druid, priest, mage in order of preference)


Mondays and Thursdays at 20:30-22:45 realm time.

For further info, or to join us, contact Lozkuul, Fermuul, Volkhani, Torok or Necrocon in-game, or apply via the guild finder.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in-game!

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Ready to get your game on? Then give us a go! We’re all about having fun as a tight-knit little family. /moo

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We have successfully beaten 9/10N bosses in Castle Nathria! With Denathrius hopefully biting the dust next week, we are going to advance to HC right away! As such, we are looking to fill up a few spots in our raid team.

Come join us! We’re friendly, I promise.

Edit one month later: 9/10HC now! :smiley:

Great place, great people :slight_smile: