[H] <Thunder Bluff Bulls> recruiting for our raiding team

Greetings! Thunder Bluff Bulls is currently recruiting for our progress raid team. We are a big mix of players, both new and old trying to accomplish everything together in a relaxed environment. We are all here to help each other out and become friends. We encourage you to play whatever role/class you want to as long as we’ve got a core healing and tank setup.

Our goal is to get the Curve achievement on each patch.

We raid on Mondays and Thursdays, 20:30 to 22:45 realm time.

While we are not a hardcore progression guild, we do require some basics from you to join and be a part of our raids. This includes being comfortable with your class, and being well prepared for each raid. For us, well prepared means having enchants, gems, flasks, food and a general knowledge of the encounters we will be facing beforehand. Our raid time is limited (on purpose) and we would like to spend it as efficiently as possible.

To help with this, we always post raid guides on discord and try to provide all our members with free repairs, flasks, food and even enchants, depending on our guild bank status.

Social players are more than welcome! We also have normal raid nights on Sundays, for non-progress raiders, alts and off-specs.

Current progress

Castle Nathria:
10/10 N
10/10 HC

For further info, or to join us, contact Lozkuul, Fermuul, Volkhani, Torok or Necrocon in-game, or apply via the guild finder.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in-game!


Ready to get your game on? Then give us a go! We’re all about having fun as a tight-knit little family. /moo

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We have successfully beaten 9/10N bosses in Castle Nathria! With Denathrius hopefully biting the dust next week, we are going to advance to HC right away! As such, we are looking to fill up a few spots in our raid team.

Come join us! We’re friendly, I promise.

Edit one month later: 9/10HC now! :smiley:

Great place, great people :slight_smile:

We did it! 10/10 HC Castle Nathria today! So proud of our guild :smiley:
Recruitment still open - we will continue clearing HC for the time being.

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