[H]<Tooltips> WTS Uldir kills!

(Tueri) #1
Raid Services:
Hi, I am Tueri, GM of <Tooltips>. We are currently selling Raid clears/kills simply to bolster our repair gold and help cover events and giveaways. We ensure none of our members are lootlocked and will do our best to pass as much loot on to the buyer! Services offered are:

Uldir Normal full clear - 150k (Flexible)
Uldir Heroic full clear - 250k (Wednesdays)
Ahead of the Curve only - 100k (Wednesdays)
Taloc Mythic - 200k (Thursdays)
Mother Mythic - 300k (Thursdays)

All services are offered to just Azjol-Nerub and Quel'thalas, with gold only.

Just ensure you don't have a mythic lockout already if going for the mythic bosses!
The only requirement is being able to hear on comms :)
Please add me on Discord - Tueri#0567 and we can arrange it there!

(Tueri) #2
2 slots available for this Wednesday, message me in Discord if interested, Tueri#0567 :) Mythic slots are currenty full for this week, but we are taking bookings for next Thursday (8th Nov)!

(Tueri) #3
If you are still missing that pesky Curve achievement everyone asks for, or simply need a bump up in gear, let us know - I have amended the original post with the days we run Uldir :)

(Tueri) #4
We have only 1 slot open for tonight's heroic clear, short notice but someone cancelled late :) hit me up if you'd like to join!