[H][Twisting Nether] <Eternal Chaos> [3/8M] is looking for you for mythic progression!

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Eternal Chaos is looking for you!

Welcome to our dedicated recruitment post.

We are currently stepping out of HC and into mythic. We will be starting our first progression raids this week and are looking for a few more people to strenthen the roster.
We like to have a wide group, so we can consistently bring enough people for progress, especially with the launch of Classic around the corner.

For more detailed information, check the topics below.

Who are we?

Eternal Chaos has been part of the Twisting Nether community since Cataclysm and has always had the same standards and morals towards each other. We take pride in creating a fun, relaxed and most of all friendly environment for our raiders, socials, pvp’ers and all other type of players.

With a core of longterm guildmembers, real life friends and new faces we welcome everyone to join us, wether you want to level, raid or pvp, we have a spot for you.

What are our raid goals?

We have a casual approach to raiding in general. We raid two days a week, on monday and wednesday, from 20:00 untill 23:00, and look to push content at a steady pace.

We start off our raid tiers with a large group, quickly clearing normal and then moving on to heroic. When we feel that we are ready for a step up, we take the core raiders into mythic to progress as far as we can. We never aim to be the heavy progression guild that goes for cutting edge, but we do try and get as far as we can.

What do we expect?

We expect our guild members to bring a positive attitude towards other guild members and dedication to the guild. During the raids there is a time for jokes and a time for focus and we ask our members to respect these terms.
As we raid two days a week, high attendance is required, as we want to use our time effectively.
You are always fully gemmed and enchanted when coming to the raids, you bring your own potions and have watched the provided videos on the bosses we are fighting. Furthermore, you aren’t affraid to speak up when you think others can improve or tactics need to be changed.
As we provide all our raiders with feasts and cauldrons, we ask all our guildmembers to contribute to the guild bank, wether it be herbs, food, potions/flasks or gold. This way we all put in the effort to keep our raids as cheap as possible.
Lastly, you need to have discord (mic is optional) and are required to join the guild channel during the raids.

What are we looking for?

At this moment in time we are looking for additions to strengthen our roster for mythic progression. The raid group is pretty flexible and we are always open to taking new talent with us.
For role/class specific questions, feel free to ask one of the officers.

Tanks: Low
Healers Low
DPS Medium

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