[H] [Twisting Nether] Group of friends lf raid guild

Hi! Me and some friends of mine are looking for a new raiding guild to join. Got some decent raiding experience with CE in Ny’alotha and currently AOTC and 3/10M progress in Castle Nathria.

Most important thing for us is that all four of us can get a spot on the raid-team. We consist of,

Balance druid
Holy pala
Unholy DK
DPS warrior

We don’t mind joining a new guild that is being built up and will happily do HC progress again. But we would prefer something with the end goal of some decent mythic progress if not right now during next tier.

If you think we would suit your guild feel free to contact me in game (Gaarza) or simply reply here so that I can contact you.

Only interested in guilds on Twisting Nether.

Hello there Gaarza,

We can probably work something out.

Add me on battlenet: Telrunya#2802

Hey, would love to have a chat, bnet serex#2352 or discord alx#6256

About us:

Hey Gaarza,

Our Thursday team should be able to fit you all in with no benching if you don’t mind 9/10H. (Our Sat team has is 2/10M but we don’t have the space). Thu will be killing Sire shortly and pretty sure will be at least 2/10M right after that. We’re also on Twisting Nether so no transfer would be needed.