(H)Twisting Nether Looking For Guild


We are 3 friends and we are looking for guild. I am playing as Mm hunter and others playing as a demo lock and blood dk.Our expectations are raid progress and m+.If you are looking for players we can discuss details.
You can contact with me
Bnet: charlie#21554


Northerners Silvermoon Alliance EU is lf you.

We got something to offer to everyone.

It is possible to move from team to team,
it depens on how much time you have.

Social = Enjoy the game and behave properly

Team 1 = Progress ( 9 Hours weekly )
Sundays + Tuesdays + Thursdays
7.00 - 10.00 Pm.
Description :
Be ready for the latest raids.
Know where to find the
latest updates + information
about your character.

Team 2 = Privacy first ( 5 Hours weekly )
Sundays + Thursdays
7.30-10.00 Pm.
Description :
We raid to enjoy ourselves.
Chill raid.

Progress :
Bod 9/9 N 9/9 HC Cos 2/2 N

Discord is a requirement if you want to raid.

Best Regards Northerners

Battle net : Tipe#2310
Discord : Tathiana#8733


I can join for your M+ team!