(H) Twisting Nether (Transfer Possible) - LF Guild

Hello there folks,
I am looking for a serious mythic raiding guild going into Shadowlands, as i would like to get back into raiding business. I play multiple classes and can adapt to any needs (preferring not to tank).
I used to raid semi-hardcore in from 2.2 to 3.1 and after a break i raided with a solid team from DS upwards to ToT. I am 27 years old and flexible about raid timings. All efforts are naturally being made to perform the best as i can.
I am looking for a solid group of players who also do other activities in game apart from raid-nights.
Going into Shadowlands i would prefer playing Rogue or Hunter, all classes are in my repertoire tho and most are geared at least at heroic-early mythic level.
If you like to chat or have any questions what i can bring to your raidteam hit me up in-game at riotbrother#1979
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hey there, if you’re still looking for a guild, check us out

will do, thanks :slight_smile: