[H] Two looking for new home on Tarren Mill

Hi all, my friend and i recently returned after a long break and have done some levelling in DF and got a couple of chars to 70. We also just moved to the server from Chamber of Aspects in search of a more populated server and in the hopes of finding a a fairly active chatty social guild.

We are both older mature players over 45 so would ideally like a decently populated mature, chilled and no pressure guild. We are both long term players since TBC on and off over the years but in DF neither of us have even stepped foot in a dungeon this xpac as we are super out of practice and confidence aint what it used to be lol but im sure would return with time and patience.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome back to WoW, where there be Dragons!!

I run a casual guild that is inclusive and welcomes those who perhaps lack a bit of confidence or just can’t be bothered with all those tryhard blowhard types … we’re pretty good with diehards though :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of us have busy real lives, responsibilities, kids, etc and just play WoW to unwind.

Strictly speaking, we’re not currently recruiting now - mainly because our raids are pretty full - but we can make an exception for people who are just wanting to join for the social side and/or dungeon runs. Besides, it generally doesn’t take long until excitement for a new raid peters out, at which point we’ll be begging for new raiders :wink:

Check out our recruitment post here for further info:

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