[H] UH DK looking for a casual raiding/m+ guild

31yo Looking for a swedish/english speaking guild for N/HC/M raiding and M+. Been playing since vanilla, but more casual since wotlk, looking to get back into raiding again.

I play alot with my friends but mainly m+ and pvp. And since they work wierd hours we cant get a raidgroup together.

I am struggling with depression and anxiety which is why i am looking for a guild with a less hardcore approach to raiding.

Im currently free to raid every night of the week.

Hi there Kyoushiro
I’m so sorry to hear about ur anxiety and depression, my better half suffers with terrible anxiety and from what I’ve experienced through her I wouldn’t wish it on anyone…
So my best of wishes to you on this festive season.
I represent a guild called Mawful and we’d love to have you join us! We are currently recruiting to push high mythic keys and heroic raid content.
We have a chilled approach to most things and will hopefully act like a second family to some!
Our raid times are yet to be confirmed until our roster is filled a bit more, till then everything is tbc.
With our small guild we can keep in contact closely and feel more of a community and hopefully grow through content learning and defeating bosses as we go along! Pop me a message on discord if you fancy! Or here is fine!
Discord : Blakery#1472
Bnet: BlakeMRG#2375

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