[H] Unholy Dk LF Guild pve - Kazzak


Hi there, i am currently looking for a guild that raids as i am interested in raiding and i haven’t since Uldir and i am keen for progression, I have just started playing again after a little break and as of right now i am playing an unholy dk sitting at 376 ilvl and also have a resto shaman around 350 that i will also be gearing up soon. Also i am on GMT+1 time zone and can raid any time from 1pm GMT to 1am GMT


(Lew) #2

Hey :). I’m the GM of a guild called Benched. We’re 8/9hc in BoD atm. We’re looking for ranged dps and healers mostly but we’re happy to accept anybody who is wanting to raid. We are on different server to you but if you wanted a chat then we can talk more privately. We have a mixture of experience in the guild ranging from mythic to first time raiders.

If you want that chat add me on bnet Riddesu#2266


Punished a cross realm raiding community is looking for more members, be it DPS (as we have no DKs) or a shaman healer/DPS.
We’re mature, relaxed guild which is is to get AotC in every tier. We might be slower the the average, but we’ll get there as most of us has a life out side of gaming as well :).
If you are interested in doing a testrun with us add me on discord: Mari#6813 or join our community and sign up for one of our raiding events in the in-game calendar: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/ME7qa5IBKx?region=EU&faction=Horde