{H} Unique Guild Request

I have a bit of an unusual guild request.
I am a WoW veteran returning after a two year break.
And this time, my son (who grew up watching me play) is joining me!
I’m 48, he’s 14.
We’ve been levelling together, but I want him to get the full benefit of the greatest thing this game has to offer … new friends!
So, I’m looking for a social home that could fit us both.
He’s entirely new to WoW and will need a patient crew to help him out on his journey.
Please get in touch if this sounds like it might be you.

(not so fast Alliance guilds! /spit /rude)

Thanks for reading.

And by friends I just mean nice folks.
Age is irrelevant.
I mean, I’m 48 playing WoW!

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