[H] <Uniquely Unambitious> (Shazzrah) Casual raiding guild - Recruiting for TBC

Hello, there! <Uniquely Unambitious> is a new TBC raiding guild looking to have some fun without the stress of the min/max culture we’ve come to know from Classic.

Would you like to raid without having to worry about having the “correct” professions, early Heroic attunements and whatever else might pop up? Are you worried that in today’s day and age, TBC might not be just what you or others remember? Are you sick of the world buff meta and worried what might come in TBC to replace it? We might just be the home for you! Our ultimate goal is to clear all the content without having to worry about what everyone else is doing.

Our raid time is going to be on Tuesday at 9PM server time with a second raid day coming up (likely Wednesday).

We’re currently recruiting tanks, but socials are welcome and other classes may be considered.

If you have any questions or wish to join the guild, you can contact any of these three officers:

Aethera (in-game)/Aidillis#2697 (battle-net)
Mezziljin (in-game)/Irishzerg#2675(battle-net)
Verodicia (in-game)/Clark#2137(battle-net)

I hope to see you in-game, best of luck to in Outland!

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