[H] <United Maniacs> Chill & non-toxic Heroic Raiding and M+ (9/10 HC)

Mostly looking for DPS (both melee and ranged), and a HEALER (any class).

The Guild was formed by a core of people who know each other from real life, and we’re currently recruiting geared people for Nathria (and future raids) Progress and Mythic+ pushes!

Our goal is to clear Heroic Nathria in a steady pace and continue clearing future heroic raids.

Raiding Wed & Fri from 19:30-22:30 server time.

We’d like to build a tight knit community with around 15-20 active raiders. We value the player behind the keyboard, in our guild you’re not just a stat/number.

We’re a mature and chill bunch of players, love to have fun and help each other out without any drama. During raids we like to joke around (politically incorrect), but at the same time maintain a serious atmosphere where everyone is prepared, gives their best and is willing to learn from their mistakes! We strive to create a positive and non-toxic atmosphere when we play together.

If you see yourself in this apply ingame, or send me a message on discord!

Hey guys, are you looking for a resto shaman? I’m 181 ilvl, 3/10 normal. Your guild sound perfect for me, considering transfer

Yes mate, definitely low on healers of any class :slight_smile: let me know if you need any more info

me and my friend are looking for a raiding guild but also a guild that can joke around without losing progress
I am a unholy dk and my friend is a paladin tank/dps.

My battletag is Magicturtle#27885

This is my character, ilvl 182, im the hunter, just used the wrong character

Hi, i was wondering how was your current roster looking and if you are in need of DK with Blood main and Dps Offspec?

Sorry for my late reply. Yes we are still recruiting active players! :slight_smile: Add me on discord if you need any additional info or send an application through the ingame guild finder

your timing for raids are great but do you guys have a spot for a fury warrior 192 ilvl that is also learning to tank myth+?

hello again,
sorry I posted on wrong character earlier.
your timing for raids are great but do you guys have a spot for a fury warrior 192 ilvl that is also learning to tank myth+? Also what days do you guys usually raid?

@Divii sorry mate we’re full now on dps warriors
UPDATE: Looking for 1x Tank 1x Healer 1x Rogue

Are you still looking for a rogue?

Yes, still looking for a rogue, healer (of any class) and a few other dps spots. Hit me up on discord or ingame for more info :slight_smile:

Still looking for a few dps and a healer to fill out our last raiding spots!

Updated our description. Still looking for a few dps and 1 healer to solidify our roster! :slight_smile: If you need any info msg me


I’m Holy Pala LF guild. Just hit 60 a couple of days ago so still watching vids and learning Castle strats but seems ok from my experience on raid finder!

Only ilevel 175 as I write this message, got geared doing hc dungeon and this weeks raid finder, but I’ve not been 60 long!!

Got lots of experience raiding on multiple expansions since vanilla, mostly on prot let me know!

Hey there! Add me on discord and we can have a chat :smiley:

Still looking for DPS and a 1 dedicated healer to complete our roster! PM me for more details :slight_smile: