[H] Unleashed | recruiting for TBC

Unleashed is a newly formed Guild looking to do raiding and PvP in the upcoming TBC:Classic.

About the Guild:

The guild is mainly formed from old time friends who already played together in many other games. After returning to WoW for TBC:Classic, we all look forward to relive the good old days.

We are looking to form a community, that can have fun together with a lot of laughs, while trying to still accomplish clearing the content, without any need to min-max.


Our goal is to create a stable environment for people to enjoy the game again. We want to build something long-term and create a family built around the game we all love. We will mainly focus on semi-hardcore raiding and Casual PvP.

Creating a community for people to have friends to do dungeons, battlegrounds and raids with and to have the best possible experience is the main thing we want to achieve.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for players who want to enjoy the game in a chill way, but still have the motivation to achieve something for TBC:Classic. There won’t be any requirements to activity and no one will be forced to participate.
We will be looking to build the raid team out of the people from the guild who are still interested in raiding.

Most of our players currently are from Germany and Denmark, but as we plan to build an international community, everyone with at least a basic level of English is more then welcome, besides that we don’t have any requirements for people to join. We are happy to welcome returning players, as well as new players into our ranks!

We will we be mainly using Discord as a means to communicate with each other and as a community hub.

If you are interested to join or you want more information about the guild, you can message me ingame! (/w Rukia) or on discord : kyou~#7780

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Best guild EU! And cool tabard too!


Still looking for people who will join us in our journey into the dark portal!

I will be sure to /w you in game to ask for an invite as it sounds right up my street, I too have some friends that are playing so I will ask those too.


Hi, is your guild mainly English speaking?

Hi, is your guild mainly English speaking?

Yea, guild chat and discord is mainly english. We’re mostly germans and danes, and the germans don’t understand danish (slackers)… But you will probably encounter a stray danish or german phrase here and there… :smiley:

Hi what is the raid times for Your guys and what days and do you need boomkins and do you accept people that Got kids and Got private life ?

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