[H] < Uprising > is now recruiting!

We are a late-night raid guild that was formed in the summer before Classic launch here on Razorgore, making us one of the oldest Guilds still around. Our raid times distinguish us from other guilds and are ideal for people who work late and take care of their families before raiding. We are an established guild with a proven track record in Classic as well as TBC seeking a couple more members motivated to gather all the loots in Outland.

We are currently recruiting the following specific classes/specs in particular, but any high-performing night owls are free to send us an application.

1x Resto Druid
1x Affliction or Destro Warlock
1x Elemental Shaman


  • be active on your class Discord and follow the latest meta
  • fully enchant & gem your gear
  • raid in PvE spec
  • use mandatory consumables

Loot rules:
• Wishlist based loot system via thatsmybis
• No LC, No DKP
• Performance and attendance modifiers

Raid times and days:

  • Wednesday & Sunday 22:00pm-01:00am Server time (2 nights a week, 3 hours a night)

Currently all TBC content on farm with multiple Kara groups.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

Still looking for new folks!

Still looking for ??

Still looking for more! You can w/ ingame Scarlina/Deb/Jhelo/Bowser

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