[H] *Uprising* Later night guild

Uprising was formed out a tight knit raid group who have been playing together and known each other since before classic arrived. We are one of the only later night raiding guilds on the server. Our aim is clear and farm each tier well before the next is released, without endlessly grinding hours into the game. We pride ourselves on a friendly atmosphere, and do our best to reduce drama and toxicity, so that everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves.

Uprising is filled with players that don’t necessarily have the time to devote to playing the game 24/7. We have jobs, families, relationships, side-projects, and social lives. If you join us, we expect that you can attend 95% of our raids, join your class discord and stay up to date with the latest meta.

While we might not have the time to grind gear, we make up for it by being really good players. We expect that you can play at a high level and are proficient at using tools like WarcraftLogs and class discords to improve your personal performance. You need to be able to communicate well and contribute to discussions on tactics.

This time restraint also extends to our officer team. We do make sure that tactics are prepared and that the roster is kept in order, but you will find that we don’t micro-manage or hand-hold as much as other guilds might.

Currently Clearing BWL one night and MC/Onyxia the other.

Currently recruiting:

Fury Warrior/ DS ruin Warlock/ Potentially an excellent mage
and a very good geared tank.

or any exceptional raiders

Apply at: https:// forms.gle /8kEJttrE5u9Hwq8HA

(remove the spaces)

Raiding Schedule

Wednesday 22:00 - 01:00
Sunday 22:00 - 01:00

Loot: Open Bid DKP

Another one, with the proper char!

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