[H] <Valkyrie> Looking for mature players with a sense of humor

[H] <Valkyrie>

Raid status: 9/9 AQ, 1 raid team.
Raid times: Wed/Sun (+Tue). 20:00 -> 23:00
Loot: EPGP (MS > OS, mains > alts)
Looking for:
Healers: Shaman
DPS: Warlocks
(socials off all classes/specs always welcome)

Originally formed from the returning players of 2 vanilla raiding guilds, Valkyrie is mature a group of players that are looking to have fun in Classic at a more casual rate, with the end goal of being able to clear all content.

We take a more relaxed attitude raiding due most of us working normal hours and having real life commitments, this means we fully respect if you can’t be available all the time. Because of this reason we run a bench rotation which allows us to continue raiding even when some members are unable to attend.

As a guild we are currently clearing all raid content each reset with regular Zul’Gurub runs also.

Raid times
Aiming for 2 days a week with Sundays and Tuesdays being main days.
However when we are doing progression Wednesdays will be added to the rotation.
Raids will go from 20:00 server time until 23:00.

Loot rules
We are using EPGP with MS > OS.

Looking for mature players with a sense of humor. Some MC gear is preferred but not necessary.

Socials of all classes are always welcome aswell.

Come say hi over at discord.gg/P3NckHG or whisper Pingo/Vrigoth/Rosehip/Dernaus/Eronel ingame for a chat :slight_smile: or contact Pingo​:penguin:#6587 on discord.

Wurst guild EU, tank doesn’t even have proper gear and named himself after a penguin.

Up you go, still looking for those elusive healers.
and could use one of those afk auto shot hunters.

Down and up. We like some extra people :slight_smile:

Bump and recruitment update:

Looking for:
Healers: Druid & Shaman
DPS: Rogue & Hunter
(socials off all classes/specs always welcome)

9/9 AQ40 done, join us!


I could tell you story here but its more fun ingame so come join and hear all about the stories.

Free summons to all raids with our ubernetwork, get your buffs and save them for all new members, (T&C apply)

Open for Warrior / Priest and more at this moment - on 9/9 aq40

Up you go.

Did someone say “get up!”? Come join us!

Could use 2x Warlocks! you dont even have to summon players to the raids as we have our own summon network!

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