(H) - <Vanilla Flashback> LF Members

As the title says!

I’ve decided to create a new guild with the intention of looking at 8.3 and beyond!
A guild for the many from raiding players to the casual who like to collect pets or mounts.

The aim of the guild is to go back to the old Vanilla days of Sunday afternoon raiding, while using the week to prep for such raid ie farming mats, doing M+ for gear etc etc

While also being a place for players to get back to the good old ways of grouping with players that you enjoy gaming with!

  • Raiding on a Sunday 1400 GMT

  • Doing Mythic + dungeons through out the week with an aim of getting a +15 done each week for members that want to make the effort

  • A place to make new friends or game with old

Anyone is welcome to join but bare in mind at the moment its a new guild and as such not a lot is going on.

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