[H] <Vice> - 9/10H Casual guild looking for members to bolster our ranks!

A guild is the best way to create memories that will last a lifetime, and that is just what we want to do.

Who are we?

Originally formed on Draenor EU under the name Cold, we decided to realm transfer over to Magtheridon after suffering at the hands of the Jailer’s most vile creation, 4hr queues and severe server lag spikes.

We’ve built a squad of raiders, M+ junkies and PvPers who want to progress through what Shadowlands has to offer with a group of people that work well together, people that they can call their friends.

It’s important to me that the people I’ve recruited have been the right fit, we’re looking for people to join us who are social and like to get involved in running content, whether that be battlegrounds, m+, WQ grinding or even farming old content for transmogs and mounts.

We don’t care about parses, anti-meta specs, any of that boring stuff, all we want is for like-minded people to learn and understand the mechanics, login and have fun. If you do care about that stuff, and like min/maxing then we can help there too, but we don’t want people who are constantly nitpicking other people’s performance. But hey, if someone keeps falling off the balcony at the end of Sanguine Depths (me), or keeps getting hit by the tentacles in Plaguefall (me, again), or constantly wipes half the raid with dark recital (you guessed it, me), then feel free to laugh at them (me).

We want to continue our progress in Shadowlands at a decent rate, we know real life gets in the way and people don’t have the time they used to, but we’re going to achieve Ahead of the Curve during each tier of Shadowlands.

Although we want to progress, won’t tear people a new one just for messing up, we’re all learning how to do this.

Our raid teams.

As we’ve grown, we’ve gathered more and more guildies that want to raid, so we’ve set up two teams to make sure everyone gets their shot at AotC this tier.

One of our teams raids on Tuesday and Thursday.
The other raids on Friday and Sunday.

Both teams are currently 9/10H at the moment, so don’t worry about joining one and missing out on progression.

The main thing for us is that you work well with the team you’re on, and it fits in with your schedule.

Who is this guild for?

We’re made up of English speaking people from all over the EU. If you want to make friends as you conquer the Shadowlands, then Vice is the place for you.

  • Returning players looking to get started in the Shadowlands with a fun and friendly group of people.
  • Current players who want a more relaxed approach in the Shadowlands.
  • Druids that have been bullied into playing Balance when their heart screams Feral.
  • New players looking to start their journey into Azeroth and beyond.

Who are we looking for?

There is a place for anyone in Vice if we think you’re a good fit. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t need more of a specific class or spec.

  • Demon hunters! Give us that sweet 5% buff in raids!
  • Rogues! A shroud always comes in handy, doesn’t it?
  • Holy paladins! Don’t let us die you plate wearing lunatic!
  • Any DPS that has a healer offspec! Pretty self-explanatory!

Why should you join?

We’ve built a great community with Vice, and that’s not something we want to change. If you feel like you might be interested in joining, we’ve got this to offer.

  • Good banter
  • Friendly people
  • People who will play other games with you like LoL, R6S and more
  • Officers that listen to and act on issues
  • Free repairs for members and raiders
  • Help with legendary crafting
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Active PvP groups
  • Teams that want to progress

Let’s have a chat then shall we

If you want to talk more about your future life in Vice, give me or one of our Raid Leaders a shout

Knoak (GM)

  • BattleNet - Knoak#2686
  • Discord - Knoak#1335

Lyke (Officer & Tue/Thur RL)

  • BattleNet - Lyke#21139
  • Discord - Lyke#9978

Mike(Fri/Sun RL)

  • BattleNet - Greldor#21486
  • Discord - Sheevie#5084

Very chill guild that makes newer players such as myself feel welcome :+1:

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Top players. Get in here.

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I’m kind of bias, but this is a very fun guild to be a part of!