(H) Vindictive (Most active EU Horde PvP community 400+ members)

<Vindictive> is a EU Horde PvP community that will focus on Rated PvP (400+ Members).

Is looking for RBG leaders to lead our 3rd and even 4th team as our main team (1.9k+ CR, 2.1k+ MMR) is full. Since we have so many good players in the community we want to offer them multiple teams they can join in.

We also provide this community to look for Arena partners or to get started with PvP.
We are trying to build a community so that players can look forward to play PvP everyday. Learn something new, enjoy their experience and making friends along the way.

We have a lot of information in our discord about PvP : Addons, macros, rbg guides, tips & tricks …
Our goal is to help everyone inside Vindictive to become a better player in Rated BGs or Arena or both!
We also organise low CR Rbgs
If you want to join in on casual Rated BG’s we expect you to get close to 20% versa (Honor PvP gear) and have your legendary crafted.

Also feel free to join the community to look for some Social PvP.

What we have planned is to have multiple Rated BGs Leaders to lead different Rated BGs with fixed groups on different ratings.
That’s why we are looking for extra RBG Leaders in our community ! Are you interested to lead Rated BGs ? Let me know!
You decide which day you play, rating and who you are taking with within our community. We got a handy discord sign-up bot to easily plan events.

Interested ? Hit me up!
Discord community : discord.gg/KPAmGBQmAm
Ingame community : Invitation Code : GRdLxkt2q


Awesome community with skilled people. Especially the pacing and players are relaxed for everyone to work together towards a common goal…killing alliance!


Great community, well-organized!
I have my own PvP community and joined Vindictive to expand my horizons and befriend/find other like-minded people, and I was not disappointed. Everyone is very nice, and the community also has a lot of skilled players whom I’ve had the pleasure of playing with a few times.
Well done and congratulations on having a great community!


Really good community. Very clear and obviously experienced leaders. I highly recommend.

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Great community, well-organized, great atmosphere, everyone is very nice especially leaders :slight_smile:

There isn’t an Alliance equivalent, I suppose?

I also had a really good experience in this community. Pretty fun, relaxed atmosphere and good leadership.