[H] Vintage: older adult, mature guild recruiting

Vintage was created as a home for the older, more mature wow players out there who would like an easy going environment where people know you by first name and are glad to see you. We have scheduled and unscheduled activities that we do together regularly ranging from scheduled raiding of the newest content, running old raids for achievements, doing dungeons, achievement hunting, pvp fun, questing and leveling. There is a little something for everyone. Of course, people don't need to raid or do anything if they don't want to.

A bit about us
Vintage is a medium-sized, casual World of Warcraft Ghostlands EU server horde guild orientated toward older players. We have been around since summer, 2010.

Our philosophy
Wow is a game for enjoying with nice, friendly people. Our emphasis is on having a mature, fun environment with a casual approach.

Activity level
We have various levels of activity and all our optional. Currently we:
- Have a set raid team trying to progress as well as we can through new content twice a week. The team is open, but to join, you will need to meet minimum requirements as the team aims to progress through the content. We focus primarly on Heroic, we do not do Mythic.
- Do dungeons together
- Many altoholics with as many characters as there are slots to put them in who love leveling, picking flowers, eating one of every food Azeroth has to offer, etc.
- Have people just do their own thing

Social environment

We have a mature, friendly guild environment. Our typical ages range from mid-20s to 60s. While age isn't always a sure indicator of maturity, it is a general guideline. To that end, we'd like applicants to at least be in their mid-twenties or so.

We have a fun, friendly, easy going guild where people know each others names. We do ask for people to introduce themselves before applying to the guild. We have found doing this, even if we are a casual guild, ensures we maintain the type of friendly environment we are after.

I want to emphasise, we recruit nice people, not characters. So, whether you are new to wow or you have all heroic raid achievements, topping the WoL rankings each time you raid, as long as you are a nice person and want a friendly, easy going guild, you are equally welcome.

As far as rules go, we follow very simple guidelines:
- No rude people allowed (strictly enforced)

If you're interested you can contact us via the forum or our new community:

---> Our forum link

---> Our public Community:
Guild requirements

- Be a nice person
- Mid-twenties or older preferably
- Have a character of any class and level
- Enjoy having fun
Vintage also raid, mostly Normal and Heroic Content.

Our Current Schedule is

Wednesday - 2030hrs to 2330hrs
Sunday - 2030hrs to 2330hrs.
Wish you were on Dragonblight , sounds just the right place for me . Although I am not a raider .

Been away for 2 years and just got back , got one char to 100 and feeling a bit lonely . No chat etc .

I am more of the mature persuasion , maybe body but not mind :P

I have kids in their 20's :)

Good luck finding what you are looking for though :)
Ghostlands and Dragonblight are merged, so you can join in the fun!
We have several guild members from Dragonblight.
Glad to see Vintage still running. Use to be in the guild back in 2014
27/10/2015 22:51Posted by Rayelah
Ghostlands and Dragonblight are merged, so you can join in the fun!
We have several guild members from Dragonblight.

Oh my . I did not know you could join a guild with the merged servers , oh well , missed out all this time .

I will give guild forums a perusal :)

Are you guys still recruiting?


Bringing this post back up to the top for Legion.
looking up to join

shaman (resto /enhan)

wisp me in game for further infos
Still recruiting.


To sign up to the guild.

Our raiding progress has been solid this expansion, EN HC on farm and ToV 3/3 Normal.
Still open.

We are starting Nighthold on Wednesday, so looking for new people to join us.
We are progressing nicly through Nighthold. 7/10 on Heroic.

We are a bit full on Melee at the moment, but are open to Range DPS and healers. Possibly spot for a 3 tank if they are ok off-specing.
Now at 8/10 on Heroic Nighthold.

Still raid spots left.

Visit us at :
Ive heard that Junah smells!
Looking for a few new recruits to bolster the ranks on our heroic progression. Currently we are 8/10H but a little full on melee dps
Forgot to mention, Nighthold Heroic was cleared a few weeks ago.

Couple of weeks of farming before going into Tomb of Sargeras.

Both Social and Raid applicants are welcome.
Room for a grandfather with a "curve" ach'd Destro lock and a ton of alts off of Dragonblight?
Ah nvm as just spotted you are a horde side guild, most my stuff is alliance :S
Guild is still going and working on ToS. Normal Cleared, working on Heroic.
I was just wondering if you guys accept socials, I'm a returning player, so my lvl of knowledge is atm abit on the lowside. I'm on Magtheridon atm, but have no problems with moving if there is a spot open for me. if you wanna talk just add my battle tag and we can talk it over. Cerana#2331