[H] Violence Reborn is recruiting


Hey we’re a fairly, relaxed casual horde guild looking for new members. Violence Reborn has had a long journey, starting back in vanilla on the Maelstrom server. We moved back in 2008 to Blade’s Edge when it was launched as a new realm. In 2013 we moved yet again to Draenor due to a low population on Blade’s Edge. Now the guild is disbanded on retail, but we are continuing or journey here on Nethergarde Keep!

We like humor, and messing around, wiping because we’re good at it and just having lots of fun in general without any expectations.

Not sure what we’re planning in the future, for now we’re figuring it out as we go along. Maybe some sort of raiding in the future, possibly with the help of other guilds like we did in the past way back then.

Join our discord: discord.gg/AWK86PW Tell us something about yourself and experience the game with us!

Forums are also available for us old people who still enjoy them: forum.violence-reborn.info

Guild Leader:
Clearasil aka Ehrmz aka Carystavia
Vamara aka Havik