[H] <Voodoo Cookie> | Wed/Sun raids, Mon/Fri dungeons

<Voodoo Cookie> on Nethergarde Keep EU [H]

Come for the Cookies, stay for the Voodoo

:vulcan: Who are we

Voodoo Cookie is a family-styled guild that does weekly dungeon events and offers the opportunity to run 20-man content in guild groups and 40-man content in a co-op raid. We support our Cookies throughout their levelling and gearing journey so you can taste some of the endgame goodness yourself!

  • Wed @ 20:00 - ZG
  • Sun @ 20:00 - MC/Ony
  • Mon/Fri @ 20:00 - Dungeons

:face_with_monocle: Who are we looking for

We are looking to expand our team of raiders. We currently farm ZG in a guild group and MC/Ony in a co-op raid. Our plan is to eventually run two ZG/AQ20 teams and one MC/Ony/BWL big soup of guildies. BWL will start on the 27th of May!

Loot is currently handled in a MS>OS+1 fashion, with a Guild-given priority list and supporting add-on. Going into BWL, we will be using EPGP and will extend that to MC/Ony as well. ZG will remain as MS>OS+1, but will give EP.

Currently recruiting :
With our eyes fixed on progressing towards BWL and further, we are still looking for the following classes to flesh out the Raid Team:

  • 4x Holy/Disc Priest
  • 2x Resto Shaman
  • 6x Mages
  • 3x Warlocks
  • 1x Shadow Priest
  • 4x Rogue

Different role, but still interested?
Talk to us! We also accept social members who just want to find a family to run dungeons and banter with, we do quite a bit of banter!

:arrow_right: What can you expect from us?

Open leadership and a core group of experienced WoW players of which some have been here since Vanilla. Bi-weekly raiding and bi-weekly dungeon events. We offer a well maintained Discord and Guilded calendar for easy grouping and lots of banter.

:telephone: How can you get with the Voodoo?

Contact our GM Bloodgut , or any of our officers Mageerölli , Arokh , Assasinr or Ulorikk . Alternatively, talk to any of our members online ( /who Voodoo Cookie ) for more info! Leave a reply on this thread and we will get back to you. You can also join our discord below and look around:


Also, feel free to message our officers:

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