[H] Warborn is recruiting!

Are you looking for a nice guild to do BfA PvE content with? Are you looking for something with a relaxed atmosphere but not without ambition? Are you 20+ ish years old?

Then you might be looking for Warborn!

Originally a merge of two old heroic raiding guilds, Warborn has been on DMF since late MoP. Now with a focus on more laid-back progression and just having fun, we are looking to welcome new members to add to our raiding team. In turn for your DPS, healing, or tanking, we offer a relaxed atmosphere and raids full of good banter.

But Taz, what about the actual details?

  • Raids are currently Monday and Wednesday, 20:00 to 23:00
  • We’re currently 8/8 Heroic and eagerly awaiting next raid
  • We mostly use Discord for communication and voice chat (and for just chatting)

Send a message in game to me, or message Killigan#21197 or Xeerz#2657 on bnet to inquire about joining. If we’re not online just whisper anyone in the guild and they’ll refer you along :slight_smile:

See ya in game!

Hi, i’m Galdon, apparently I lead raids now.

I am here to notify that this night we finally beat the s-hit out of Ghuun and impaled him on a meat stick adding that lovely digit of 8/8 heroic.

However Christmass is coming and soon we all are having a snack with the family and telling them our glorious win on Ghuun.

However in the new year we shall continue on! Stronger then ever and better then ever and that stuff.

But we cant do it without you! You a healer, a dps, a tank or identifying as something else? Then Warborn be for you! (20+ still sorry I couldnt lower it due law issues.)

Caught your eyes and want them back? Xeerz#2657 for more information.


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