[H] Warlords

Warlords is a new guild on Nethergarde Keep aiming to create a stable and fun guild to clear all the classic content and onward.

We are two brothers with 15 years of experience in high level guilds.
(multiple CE, Server first,world rank 100)

Why PvE and why Nethergarde Keep?
We choosed Nethergarde Keep due of his small and chilled Horde community.
The reason we choosed a pve server is becouse we want to include not just classic only players but also players like us that plays retail aswell, a pve server can help people with more limited time to grind their objective(consumables or world buffs) in a more efficient way.

When are you going to raid?
Our raiding schedule is going to be
TUESDAY-FRIDAY from 21:30 Svt till 24:00
Why this particular schedule?
First to give the possibility to raid for players that can’t give attendance due of the majority of guilds that starts early at 19 or 20.

Who we are looking for?
Mostly people with our mindset and want to be part in a serious and stable guild, where having fun is number one priority. Also we want our players to really enjoy their guild nights, we dont want an enviroment where everyone is silent in discord even when we are just gathering world buffs.
There are no requirement to join the guild: rerollers, alts of players from other guilds you are all welcome.

What we expect from you?
Patience, patience patience, building and mantaining a guild is not an easy task, dont feel discouraged if maybe the first weeks after the guild is founded there will be not much raiding activity, we are going to clear all the content classic has to offer.

If you want to know more you can contact me Gnappy#2181 (battlenet) Murthag#6614 (discord)

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