[H] warrior looking for casual heroic guild


looking for a 2 day raiding guild, that is socially active.
big plus would be with a active discord, and people doing the casual 10s and such


Hi there our guild may suit you.

My battlenet is chilly55#2619 If you wanna add me we can have a chat and see if our guild would suit you



Hey dude, we’re not really recruiting for raiding, but we do have a very active M+ team who re pushing the higher keys if that’s your thing. that being said, we can fit you as a trial raider too.

Check us out at www.digitaldoom.eu


(Loteridan) #6

Heya brother, we’re a raiding guild aming for Mythic but with a pretty big social aspect on discord. We do alot of gaming outside of WoW as well and are buildling a community. Hit me up on discord if this is interesting for you! Lotinja#4625

(Nemorryss) #7

Hello Skybull,

Not sure if you’re still looking for a guild. However, If you are we’re currently looking for a warrior to bolster our ranks.


and we have an active discord! and mob…

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