[H] <What a Ankher> Heroic Raiding | Mythic+ Pushing 15+ | Recruiting

What a Ankher

We’re an English speaking guild of friends who’ve played together over many years, our guild is a chilled atmosphere with a bit of banter here and there.


We raid 2 times per week on Wed/Mon from 20:00-23:00 ST, we’re a solid core of players who’ve raided at Cutting Edge levels over various expansions. Now we’re just laid back heroic raiders. Our Progress is 10/10HC, looking to expand our roster to have a bigger raid size.


On days we are not raiding we will put together groups to push high keys, most of our core has achieved the Shadowlands Keystone Master for the season.

DPS - Any
Healers - Any


  • You must have a strong sense of humour & not at all easily offended.
  • Must have a working Mic and join our Discord channel for the raids.
  • While we are more casual, we expect players to make maximum effort.
  • We have no trials, you’re either in or you’re out.

If you play a class that can tank or heal it’s very helpful that you’re happy to do that if one is needed.

If you’re interested contact me on Bnet: Aberdonia#2267

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