[h] <whisky> 2 day raiding guild 7/8m

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Whisky is a newly formed guild that is looking to fill up our roster.

With a dedicated core at the front of our progression, we are looking to bolster our ranks and add a level of competition to our raids.

We are now recruiting for Battle of Dazar’Alor and are looking for any exceptional players even if their class is not listed below!

We are currently looking for

  • Warlock
  • Rogue

What you can expect from us
We are a newly formed guild still trying to find our way into the current expansion. Our core consists of players that have played in hardcore and semi-hardcore guilds. We are a hard-working group of players that can have a discussion about what goes wrong without getting toxic towards one another.
We want a clean and fun raiding experience for everyone.

What we expect from you
We are looking for mature players that have insight in their own playstyle and can take feedback where it’s due.


  • 7/8M

Raid days

  • Thursdays 1930 - 2330
  • Sundays 1930 - 2330

If you want to apply, please join our discord server for more information!


Any questions, feel free to add our officers


Dump, alright!

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