[H][5/12M] Mudskippers looking for Raiders and Socials

Hi folks!


< Mudskippers > is a curved raiding guild that is looking for friendly players who would enjoy an active community.

Our aim is to cover content. That’s right. Raw, filthy content - Simple as. We run daily Mythic Keystones of various difficulties (anywhere from +6 to +18).

We are looking for more raiders to begin our progress through Mythic difficulty.

Emphasis is placed on social interaction and participation and we will strive to make each and every member feel at home and valued. Over the remainder of this expansion, we will look to reward pro-active players in any way we can.

Raid Info & Recruitment

Raid times are 8.30 PM ST to 11.30 PM ST Thursdays & Mondays . Almost all of our raiders have previous Curve or Mythic raiding experience.

Our current progress stands at:

HC | 12/12
M | 5/12

Right now we are recruiting the following for raids:

DPS - currently all RDPS will be considered.
Healers - Holy Paladin preferred.

Contact Info

We also accept all social applicants with internal raid recruitment taking precedence over external channels. So make sure to apply if you’re interested in joining a fun and organized guild.

For all raid related queries, you’re best off contacting our Raid Leaders on Discord:

Raid Leader: Impeon (BNET: XPeon#2199 | Discord: Xpeon#9409)
Back-up Raid Leader: Sadistica (BNET: Hanasong#2286 | Discord: Volture#1989)

Aside from that, if you have any general questions or would like to join our mythic+ and social community, then feel free to add me on Discord or Bnet. See you in Azeroth!


We’re still looking for raiders. Preferably 1 more healer and a few more dps.

Shad’har has been downed and we’re now looking for a few more additions to bring down Hivemind!

We’re now searching once more for new, enthusiastic raiders, this time with an emphasis on Havoc DH as well as another Holy Paladin and a Shadow priest with OS.

That said, we will consider all skilled players.

Please reach out to an officer via the contacts in the above post if you’re interested.


We managed to down Hivemind and we are still looking for new raiders!

Hi, raid leader here. We are currently looking for rdps and another healer to join our ranks.