[h/a] 191 Frost mage +1 lf guild

The +1 is playing from the US and won’t have a ton of time, but for myself i’m looking for a chilled curve guild. I have no interest in mythic but really we’re just looking for somewhere she can relax and learn the ropes (she’s currently planning on fury) and I can just get into a relaxed environment to enjoy the game.

I’ve been absent from real raiding since 8.1, where I took a break that was gonna be temporary, but eventually led right into shadowlands (my actual raiding history: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/twisting-nether/rángiku/pve/raids - though do note most of the mythic and former heroic kills came from farming transmog further down the line, except for dragon soul at 4/8, Siege at 5/14 and antorus at 7/11, which i’m not gonna lie, surprised me cause I thought we stopped at eonar tbh :sweat_smile: ) and now i’m getting that itch again. I also have a ret I can catch up as an alt, or ele shaman/warlock sitting at 50 that could be levelled up.

So yeah, just looking for somewhere people are relaxed, bit of bants with the raid, and somewhere my friend can see the game and learn about it without getting blasted for not having played for 10+ years. So if you are looking for the right properly mediocre player with a nublet in tow armed to the teeth with nuclear sarcasm, feel free to get in touch

Since you’re looking for a new guild, have a gander at MythicMinus!

We’re not currently in the same server cluster as you. But if a transfer something you two consider, definitely check us out, I think you two would fit in well! :slight_smile:

hey we are a chilled bunch here at mostly clueless we have old players and new so teaching each other and progressing as a guild is what we are about we do normal raids weeknights for those that still need it and we aim to start our HC progression this weekend, we dont have any plans to run mythic if any of this sounds any good i will leave our post below.

Thanks for Reading

[H] [Draenor] [EU] <Mostly Clueless> Social Raiding LF HC Raiders and M+ runners

Hello there and happy new year! Read our post and if it piques your interest let me know! :slight_smile:

Hello. Have you guys found a guild? :slight_smile: If not, this is our post :

We are mostly over 30y old, we like to keep the guild smaller but with more fun people. Looking for more who understand all the horrible jokes going around, arent afraid of wipes , have some gaming skills and show up at raids .

Wont take any more of your time, give me a shout on bnet if you are interested :slight_smile: