[H/A] <Big Fan> Social & Curve Guild Recruiting for Dragonflight


Big Fan are a community of friends looking to grow into Dragonflight.

If you’re a laid back, chilled-out person then you’ll fit right in. We have players that range from the casual (just learning) to the (fairly sweaty) gamers and we strive to help people reach their goals.

Our goal is Curve in our own time and we raid twice a week currently on Wednesdays & Sundays (8PM Server) and testing ourselves pushing keys.

Our Discord is full of a range of WoW players and other games for them content drought times.

We believe in a base of respect and inclusion regardless of skill level or experience and look forward to getting to know any interested people further!

Discord - nfRhMTA please let someone know you need the Guild Role
feel free to send me a or any of our members a message in game through /who Big Fan
or on bnet at Pepsi#2535

(Alliance players are welcome on any server but of course that will limit you to the more active discord side of the guild interactions)

Thanks for your time!

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