[H/A] Innocuous - Casual Weekend Heroic Raiding - Raiders wanted & Socials welcome!

Innocuous is a newly formed Weekend Raiding guild focusing on Casual AOTC content, with an emphasis on the Social aspect and making buddies & a learning friendly environment.

We have a deliberately smaller raid team & guild, to preserve that feeling of having a bond with your fellow guild members, and are only sparingly adding to it.

In S4 we have fully cleared all 3 Awakened Raids on Heroic mode, so we’re looking toward the next expansion hereon.

Our raid schedule:

Fri - 20:00-22:15 Server Time (total of 10 mins break time)
Sat - 20:00-22:15 Server Time (total of 10 mins break time)

Our S4 Progress:

AVOTI - 9/9 HC
AATSC - 9/9 HC
AATDH - 9/9 HC

What We Offer:

:small_blue_diamond: Casual & Weekend Raiding
:small_blue_diamond: Mythic Plus
:small_blue_diamond: Mature Environment
:small_blue_diamond: Learning Friendly

What we expect from you:

:arrow_right: Raiders: If you are joining us to be part of our raid team, you should be able to raid both our scheduled days/times, barring very exceptional circumstances or emergencies of course.
:arrow_right:Mythic Plus: Running keys together at all levels, 2-10+, whatever suits people the most, in a no-pressure environment. But try to be active & involved with guildies.
:arrow_right:Be mature: Don’t make other players uncomfortable and be able to get along well with your guildies.

Currently Recruiting:

1-2x Tank - HIGH prio ( covering for re-rolls in TWW )
1x Heal - HIGH prio
1-2x DPS - Medium prio ( recruiting mainly for TWW)

Interested players can add me on bnet or discord, so we can have a quick chat :slight_smile:

Bnet: Sykretts#1919

Discord: sykretts

Alternatively, you can leave a reply here or share your details here as well.

Bump, hoping our guild can take off and become something nice!

bump, pretty neat guild! let make the dream team for season 4

Updated the OP with current recruitment status.

We’re still open to recruitment for the following, in addition to Social-only players:

2x Healers
2-3x DPS (preferably at least 1 ranged)
1x Tank/Off Tank

Also open to recruiting a tank as one of our existing ones can freely swap to DPS.

Bump. Incredibly welcoming. No pressure, everyone is patient and just wants to have fun.

Heey! I have send you a friend request on bnet :slight_smile:

Nice guild, join us :smiley:

We’re looking to add a few more active players to the roster to round out our small team for Heroic raiding:

1x Healer
2-3x DPS (at least 1 Range)

We’re also open to Socials who aren’t interested in raiding :slight_smile:

We’re still on the lookout for players to join our main Heroic raid team for S4 and beyond!

Our first couple weeks in Vault and Aberrus ended with 7/8 HC & 8/9HC respectively. We are looking for players who can raid more actively with us!

Open currently:

1x Healer
2-3x DPS

Our priority right now is to lock down some players in these roles first and foremost!

Looking to join, but quick question, I am only level 53 on my Horde toon, so a bit behind; is that okay? I’m a returning player after like, an 8 or 12 month hiatus? I can’t remember.

Happy to take part in raids once max level and geared up; I have some AoTC already on my account from BFA and I think one from SL and used to do mythic dungeon runs.


Yes, that is completely fine! You can join us as a social initially and once ready can step into the raid team.

Feel free to hit me up on discord or Bnet so we can have a quick chat :slight_smile:

On a side note, updating our recruitment status:

1x Healer
2x DPS (any dps with a tanking Off-spec would be a bonus)

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Pinged you a friend request on Bnet - apologies for the delay!

We are still looking for a few players to round out the final spots of our small Heroic raid team!

Currently need:
1x DPS - HIGH Prio
1x DPS with off-heal spec - HIGH prio
1x Tank - HIGH prio

Preferably trying to recruit players who are already ready to raid with us this season in S4 DF and then continue into TWW with us.

We are just missing a few buddies to round out our little chill team! Come join us !

Our first full heroic raid clear this week, even though we had players new to the content!

We are still looking to add to our roster though, to add more active players for S4 in particular, so we have a guild that’s constantly buzzing until TWW arrives.

Currently open to recruiting:
1x Tank
1x Healer (with some raid healing exp from past tiers)
1-2x DPS (we’d like to expand our DPS roster slightly)

Come join us!

Hi, I am looking for a raiding guild for the expansion. It is a little in advance but if you want a heal or dps let me know.


Sure thing, we are also keeping the roster open for TWW

Please add either my discord or btag, and let’s have a quick chat!

Now that the guild members are all caught up with this season, we’ve cleared 2x awakened raids on Heroic in a row
We are still looking for a couple of players to help round out our heroic raid team as we’ve had 1-2 re-rolls:

1x DPS - HIGH Prio
1-2x Healers - HIGH prio

Players joining us for these roles must be able to actively play S4, as we’d like to keep the guild active in this season and prepare us for The War Within.


We are looking to fill these spots on High prio for our main raid team:

2x DPS - HIGH Prio
1x Healers - HIGH prio

We’re specifically looking for players to fill those roles who will actively play in Season 4 on retail.

We are actively looking for active players for Season 4 who are ok with a deliberate smaller guild size.

Preferably players on Draenor realm as cross-realm retention as expected hasn’t been ideal.

3x DPS - HIGH Prio
1x Healers - Medium prio

Recruitment is still open for the roles mentioned below, to add to our Raid team and to have more players to run M+ with in guild parallelly.

2-3x DPS
1x Healer

If you play either of these roles and are interested in joining the guild, please reach out on Discord/Bnet so we can have a quick chat.