[H/A] <Kazzak> LF Ranged DPS / Tank / Healers (7/8HC 1/8M)

Distortion initially went into this expansion as a HC raiding guild. We’ve all wanted to take it chill, but… it’s on! This expansion is so much fun that we cracked the old bones to set foot into mythic and there we are. Distortion is 1/8M right now with going for a push this (27/1) week). We are still more casual than most guilds: 5/10 in SoD and 7/10M in Nathria.

We offer a relaxed environment for our players. We ultimately want to progress so we do focus and push our buttons when it comes to the business end of raiding. We have an active discord to fit all your social needs. - socials are always welcome! We have a very active m+ scene in the guild as keys are ran each and every day.

We have a Distortion guild on the alliance side (smaller) and the big one on Horde side, but we accept everyone <3. The most communication is done in Discord anyway.

Our raid times are currently:
Sun 20:30-23:00ST
Mon 20:30-2300ST
Where invites start at 20.15ST

Recruiting - We are currently looking for:
Ranged DPS pref, but wil take anyone in consideration.
Healer(s) - since one of our healers is going on a 4 week holiday, we would like a RangedDPS with heal offspec, but consider full-time healers also (we can shift)
A TANK. Two people, who mainly DPS, just take turns on tanking right now, which works, but we would love a fully committed tank.

We expect raiders to have good attendance and performance. We expect you to stay until the end of raid is called. More importantly, we want people with the willingness to learn and improve. We understand that it might take time to get an understanding of the class in mythic. We also expect reasonable prep such as basic tactics/mechanics, Weakauras/ExRT, gear gems and enchants.

Flask & food and some consumeables are provided by the guild and we use RC Lootcouncil for the loot.

If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to get in touch either on discord or in game.

Feel free to contact us in game or discord with any questions:
Mako#21484 (Battle.net) or Discord (Mako#1708)