[H/A] - Lf Older player(s) to help a girl out :)

I am a older player (mid 40’s) returning to the game after a year or so, which makes me super behind. I am from and live in the US (central time zone), but I play on both EU and US servers. Reason being I use to have some EU friends that I met in another game and wanted me to try it so I did. I didn’t want to give up the achievements and mounts I have so I switch it up every so often. I have summers free from work as I work for a school district (timezone wont be a issue till school is back in session), so I have a lot of free time, and am hoping to find an older player like myself who might want to help a girl out! I’m basically looking for a WoW companion, someone to hang out with on discord and talk as we play. If you can put up with my boring, plain, American accent I bet we will have tons of fun running dungeons, leveling, and eventually raiding. I’d be up for M+ as well if you are interested in that. I main a resto shaman currently so if you have a tank that would be amazing but if not that’s alright too, I would just appreciate the help and company! I think I’ve said quite a bit here so if anyone out there would wanna be my WoW buddy, please leave your Discord tag and I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Hej hej!

in my 40s here and looking for company aswell! esp in the mornings. (working shifts)
Maybe we can add each other?

Hi there! Thanks for responding to my post and my apologies for the super late response. I sent a friend request to you on discord. If you are still playing and looking for friends to hang out with, hit me up.

Been awhile but I’m still looking for wow friends to chill and play the game with, better yet if you know of a guild in need of a resto shaman healer for raids :slight_smile: