H:A ratio?

Hi lads.

I am wondering, since I usually have WM on, and I usually enjoy the danger of lurking alliance when questing. Getting ganked every now and then is fun, and doing the occasional ganking too, is fun.

However, since Shadowlands (and thinking back to 8.3 when I think about it), it seems like the odds are extremely in the favour of the alliance. Literally every quest, rare, WQ or in any way point of interest will either have 3-4 alliance there constantly. If you are lucky enough as horde to start a quest somewhere, there is probably a 80% chance that you will be killed by 2-3 alliance before you are done with it. (Usually 1 alliance comes up, acts friendly, then when they outnumber you turn and kill you.)

So anyway, back to the point, have I been unlucky in my layers, and it’s mostly balanced, or do the alliance just outnumber the horde this badly?
Why don’t blizzard make the layers somewhat even out H:A, if there is an imbalance?

I joined this server a few years ago, because it was PvP realm with a real decent alliance/horde ratio, it was like 50/50.
Now with WM, i come across the same problem as you. I’m horde with WM on, and while the balance of the server may be the same, there always seems to be 3 alliance for 1 horde or even more.
When i encounter 1 alliance player, they sh.t their pants. As soon as you see 3 or more they feel quite big all of sudden.
Just with it was a bit more balanced aswell.

I was back here on Defias before the split, misunderstanding what they said about Warmode I left the server. It wasn’t too bad, basically a diceroll whether there was Horde or Alliance swarming the area and you got some decent world PvP here and there.

I learnt more about how warmode works on RP realms in the last stages of BFA and returned for Shadowlands, and I’m starting to think that was a mistake. The problem is entirely the fact we’re sharded with Argent Dawn, a server that has an an almost non existant Horde population and an enormous Alliance one.

So in order to actually see Horde players, other RP realms have to get roped in to their phasing so they actually have someone to kill, but there’s just nowhere near enough Horde players on the RP realms to compete with the Alliance.
With Warmode still giving the Alliance a 30% bonus to everything due to global stats and Horde continuing to get very little but frustration, it’s just making the problem worse.

In my opinion, Argent Dawn should get a very low priority to shard with other servers - players intentionally chose an almost pure Alliance server, let them deal with the drawback of that choice, don’t punish everyone else on the other faction.


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